Visual Damage



Clothing is all encompassing and everyone has something to say about it. Take a look at our creative t-shirts range below, available in S, M, L and XL and printed on good quality cotton material. Contact sales for purchase methods other than PayPal.


The Original


Visual Damage


Spring & Surf


Linocut design in black on a white t-shirt.



A logo design with a powerful message.

Available in white or black. Please specify 'White' or 'Black Mountain' when you purchase the item.



Different, bold and symbolic.

Newsday illustrates a range of events that topped the news. These are historical events and worth preserving.

Surfing from a different viewpoint illustrated an a fashionable style.

It can be dropped in various ways but the 'F' word is still a bomb.



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AU$ 38.00

AU$ 38.00

AU$ 38.00

AU$ 35.00